Houston, Texas

Managed Services.

No admin panels, no configurations, just operational hosted services that work.

Managed Network Services

Domain Name Resolution Services and VPN

$120 Yearly Per Domain.

Managed Name Server

Replace your current name servers with ns1.tty000.com and ns2.tty000.com or let one of our humans do it and enjoy unlimited records management requests on this 100% managed service.
Need an A/C/MX/NS/TXT record managed?
Call 888-580-0740 and let a human do it. 

$120 Per Domain Per Year + $15 Per Request.

Static IP and DNS Forward to
Dynamic Addresses

*Requires Managed Name Server service. 

Provides three static IP addrssses that can be pointed to both your domains and your dynamic address online. Highest quality signed wildcard ssl is provided for this 100% Managed Service

$5 Per User Per Month + $15 Per Request

Private VPN and DNS

When you want name resolution to work only on specific networks Private DNS makes sure finance.domain.com doesn’t exist in the outside world while in your office it provides access to whatever fincance.domain.com is supposed to provide access to in your office. 

Call back times vary, always within the same business day and generally within the hour of an order. Minimum user count and one year agreement required.

just because you can..

Doesn’t mean you should. 

Of course your firm can manage a file server, mail server, DNS, domain certificates, VoIP services, and network security.
Should you?